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Music Genre Essay

We take sounds and create the music we hear every day. Our development on music is effected by people around us. We take the context of songs and relate it back to our own lives. People dislike certain types of music because they can’t relate or enjoy the sound. Although music affects us all differently, all melodies have a similar meaning. Everyone’s choice of music is greatly affected by influences. The genre we get into is all caused for the same reasons; family, friends, or social environments. A child who has grown up in the country might be exposed to mostly country music, while a child in the city might be used to rock or new pop music on the radio. We all come to enjoy the music our parents played in our early life but as we grow up we add our own genre of music. The genre of music you choose mostly places you in a similar group of friends. For example someone who listens to mostly all country probably won’t fit in as well with the kids who listen to metal. The friends who listen to metal judge that person who listens to country. The influences will change a person to fit in with the crowd or cause someone to create their own group. The pressure puts labels on all people for the genres they listen to. If you listen to scremo, you might be considered gothic or country might be labeled as hicks. What people don’t realize is every song is composed of beats, and the instruments is what changes the sound of a song. Where we live and the people surrounding us, affects our influence on music. Every sound we hear creates different moods and emotions. People can all relate music to a personal experience, but that experience is very diverse for each person. When we hear a song about love some can be excited and relate that song to their own relationship or someone can be upset and think about their past love. Music almost makes you feel like you can travel back in time. We all have a moment when we listen to a song, and that melody creates a mental image of where you were when you first listened to it. You can see that moment and feel the emotions you felt in the past. Music creates memory, and each memory creates emotion in our life. We enjoy listening to music because it gives us a good vibe. That feel good moment is the reason why we appreciate music. Many listeners also enjoy a song because of the simple lyrics to follow. Everyone uses music for some type of therapy. We listen to songs so we can vent, relax, dance, or reminis. One song can have a great affect on each individual differently. We loathe on music just because it’s something we don’t like. Everyone has a different music preference, and we all like music for the same reason. We all enjoy the way music makes us feel. Music is all around us and is a part of our life, but why do people continue to despise certain genres? Most people look at the basic parts of a song, only the lyrics; they don’t appreciate the sound behind the words. Without that sound we wouldn’t have a song to enjoy. All Sound is music, whether it’s listening to a clock tick or a fan spinning on the ceiling, we can create our own tunes. The song Too Close by Alec Clare is a perfect example of how listeners can have such disgust with one genre but will accept a song. The song has a catchy raw beat that people love without even realizing the genres in the song. The song Too Close was a very popular song for all ages or genres because Alex Clare mixed alternative rock, electronic, and soul music. So many people who like rock can’t stand electronic music because it’s repetitive, has less lyrics, and it’s not â€Å"real† music. Yet rock and electronic is similar in many ways. They both have a repetitive chorus and verse and made up of different sounds. Rock can have long solos along with electronic. So when Alex Clare created the song Too Close many people never realized he combined different genre types. Many people disagree with certain music because they dont recognize the connection all music has. Each genre has a comparable meaning, but holds a different impact on people. Our social environment molds us into the music we listen to. Music also allows us to feel every emotion. We can all listen to the same song but have a totally different outlook on the concept behind the song. Our different personalities cause individuals to dislike any type of song they cannot connect to.

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Important Journey Of My Life - 1332 Words

Bianca Hammaker Professor Pelot ENC 1101 - MW September 13, 2015 Important Journey In My Life I was a cute kid. A really, really cute kid, up until 1st grade. Then that’s when I started to become the chubby cute kid. I loved junk food and would sneak into the kitchen late at night and find the unhealthiest food my mom had hiding in the kitchen then I would eat it all in one sitting, whether it was a box of chocolate granola bars, a bag of Lay s Potato Chips, or some delicious leftovers, I would proudly devour them. Food - more specifically, junk food - was a precious item to me, like it was a resource that could run out at any given time and it was not like I was ever deprived. My mother was (and still is) a fantastic cook. She has always made a ton of flavorful, healthy, homemade meals, but I never appreciated them. She would basically do up an entire buffet when I got home of all my favorites – cheesy macaroni, spaghetti, homemade mashed potatoes, then a side of fried vegetables (since I would not eat any sort of those nasty-looking raw veggies) to kind of balance the meal out. I was always begging for processed foods, prepackaged foods, and fast food. I would have taken a Lunchable over a sandwich any day to school or eat while I play outside ..just kidding watch television. In middle school, I was teased. I was called fat in the hallways. I was called fat by random strangers who saw me helping my teacher s pet of a best friend deliver papers around theShow MoreRelatedJourneys 8 Mile849 Words   |  4 PagesThrough the journey, a person can experience exciting, dangerous and challenging situations which creates opportunities for understand themselves as well as their surroundings. However all types of journeys should have an obstacle which must be overcome, and in doing so propels the person to complete the journey. These concepts are explored in Sally Morgan’s novel â€Å"My Places† where journey is depicted as a spiritual journey of self-discovery and Curt Hanson’s film â€Å"8 Mile† which delves into a whiteRead MoreEpic Journey of Life994 Words   |  4 PagesThe Epic Journey of Life Through all trials and tribulations of anyone s life, there is one thing in common that every single one of us has: the journey we all take through life. Granted, it is never the same journey, but there is always a path that we follow down. Some of us believe in fate, where we believe that our path is already set out for us. There is also the group of people that believe you forge your path through life, and you make your own destiny. Personally, I have always believedRead More Personal Narrative- Life as a Journey Essay821 Words   |  4 PagesNarrative- Life as a Journey The journey of life follows a predetermined pattern; we evolve from needing influence and guidance to finally reaching that point where our lives are up to us. I consider myself very lucky up to this point in my journey. Some people become sidetracked and wind up on a far different course than initially planned, but the detours I made have only assisted in embellishing the individual instead of devouring it. According to Freud a persons most important period toRead MoreDavid Copperfield As A Hero Journey1046 Words   |  5 PagesJoseph Campbell explains in his book A Hero With Thousand Faces the hero is the individual archetype who goes through a journey to achieve some goal. the journey that he goes through is called the heros journey or monomyth. This journey has several stages that we can see them in David Copperfield as well as in our own ordinary lives . The first stage of the heros journey is The Ordinary World this stage is where the hero is introduced to the reader and the heros environment is shown inRead MoreA Professional Journey As A Nurse Of Today1612 Words   |  7 PagesA Professional Journey as a Nurse of Today Many people today use the words career and profession interchangeably. Those two simple words have similar meanings but build upon each other instead of define one another. In fact, it could be said that careers may in fact lead to a profession. Nursing once started as a career and throughout the decades has grown to be a widely accepted and admired profession. The profession of nursing consists of specialized knowledge, a well-developed code of ethics,Read More My Place by Sally Morgan, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, The Transall Saga and Pay it Forward1436 Words   |  6 PagesThe Journey as Depicted in My Place by Sally Morgan, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, The Transall Saga and Pay it Forward The inner journey is a concept that has always been debated, and so has its meaning. The word ‘inner’ has the alternative meaning of personal. Moreover, the word journey has an alternative meaning of movement. So, the concept of the inner journey, customarily, has the meaning of a personal movement. Inner journeys have often been described as the metaphor behind a physicalRead More Fifth Business Essay936 Words   |  4 PagesDunstan Ramsey follows his path by completing each step. Dunstan’s journey begins when he gets his call for adventure. The call for adventure lets the hero know that his or her life is about to change. Dunstan’s call for adventure comes when he leaves for Europe for the second time to search for the little Madonna. The little Madonna was what called him to come back to Europe. The little Madonna was a bee in my bonnet; I wanted to see her again, and quite unreasonably (like a manRead MoreGraduation Speech : My College Counselor Walsh Ukita817 Words   |  4 PagesSouth Los Angeles. I would be lying if I told you that I would one day be pursuing a Masters degree. Although I am proud to be raised in this tough neighborhood, I knew that life had more to offer than going to jail or dying, therefore, I told myself that I did not want to become a product of my environment or allow it dictate my life choices. I also knew if I wanted to become successful, I was going to have to work hard not to be just another statistic. This became the fuel to the fire I have to helpRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Hamlet s Revenge1725 Words   |  7 PagesThesis: Shakespeare s portrayal of Hamlet s revenge is not a worthy journey because he never finds his self worth, distracted between what will exemplify his purpose, and what will make him a failure in the memory of Denmark. Three quotes with analysis explaining thesis: Act 1 Scene 5 Ghost: â€Å" But know, thou noble youth, Hamlet: â€Å"Oh My Prophetic Soul! My uncle?† The serpent that did sting thy father’s life Now wears his crown.† The beginning of the â€Å"call to adventure -J Campbell†Read More The Journey of Education Essay831 Words   |  4 PagesThe Journey of Education My educational journey has been marked by many incredible teachers and (equally incredible) experiences. I am very fortunate to have been a student to some of the greatest, however sadly unknown teachers. My educational journey has been accompanied by teachers from all ends of the educational spectrum. I have had serious, inspirational and unorthodox teachers and teaching styles. It is my intention to illustrate my educational journey to the reader. My early experiences

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Truman Capote Used the World Around him to Created Writing

Throughout history, there have been many great writers. Those writers used the world around them and a bit of their own style to influence their works. The 1960s was one of the most turbulent decades in U.S. history and new styles of writing were being discovered. A curious Truman Capote used his style of new journalism, events that took place in the late 1950s and the 1960s, and the novel In Cold Blood to change the face of literature for years to come. Commended author Truman Capote was born Truman Streckfus Persons on September 30, 1924 in New Orleans, Louisiana to parents Lillie Mae and Archulus. (Bio.) Some of Capote’s childhood was spent in Monroeville, Alabama where he befriended To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee. (Bio.) He ended up dedicating one of his most famous works, In Cold Blood to her and she sculpted Dill Harris’ character around him. (Bio.) He attended private schools and eventually went to live with his mother and stepfather in Millbrook, Connecticut, where he attended Greenwich High School. (Encyclopedia Britannica) An average student, Capote did well in the courses that struck his interst and paid little attention in those that did not. He had a gift for telling stories and entertaining people. (Bio.) Capote had begun secretly to write at an early age, and rather than attend college after completing high school, he pursued a literary apprenticeship and acquired his first job working as a copyb oy for The New Yorker magazine.(Biography in Context)Show MoreRelatedEssay about Truman Capotes In Cold Blood2090 Words   |  9 Pages In Cold Blood is a novel written by Truman Capote in 1966. In Cold Blood is a true account of a multiple murder case that took place in Kansas in the 1950s. The book outlines a brutal murder case, but it shows the story from many perspectives, not just that of the law. Capote introduces you to the Clutter family, a well known, very hard working and loyal family to the community. The town of Holcomb is a small farming town. There is not much excitement in the town, and that is the way the peopleRead MoreTruman Capotes Breakfast at Tiffanys Essay792 Words   |  4 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Truman Capote wrote the novel Breakfast at Tiffanys without a rhyme or a reason. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;He used real life characters possessing different names. It is stated that the narrator just might have been Truman himself during his early years in New York. It is clear that Mr. Capote does not believe in traditional values. He himself did come from a wealthy unorthodox family life. Capotes ideal woman was created in Holly Golightly, also know as LulamaeRead MoreAndy Warhol Essay1218 Words   |  5 PagesI selected Andy Warhol because I have long admired his crazy, quirky, unconventional style of producing works of art from normal, everyday subjects ranging from inanimate, normally unnoticed objects to pop culture celebrity icons. I first heard of him in 1986 when his show Andy Warhols Fifteen Minutes aired on MTV. The show featured Andy interviewing what he thought was the next up-and-coming musical sensations about to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Two years later on a poster in theRead MoreAmerican Slang Essay 115481 Words   |  62 Pagesstatus as slang, others continue to be considered as such by most speakers. In spite of this, the process tends to lead the original users to replace the words with other, less-recognized terms to maintain group identity. The word slang itself is used loosely and in a number of different and rather confusing ways, it really refers to words or uses of words or expressions which are extremely informal and which are very often fashionable and therefore rather temporary - they may come into the languageRead More Use of Attics in Literature Essay4376 Words   |  18 Pagesattic and to distinguish attics from upper rooms. Not all third floor spaces are attics, because many larger houses have and had third floor rooms that were normal living spaces, sometimeshaving bedrooms and sometimes having a huge, finished room used for balls and other parties. Such rooms were furnished, and comfortably habitable. Such is the case with a room that is often cited as an attic that incarcerates a madwoman, the upper room in The Yellow Wallpaper. But Gilman clearly defines

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The Double Consciousness Of African Americans - 905 Words

The Double Consciousness of African-Americans Envision that you live in a place where you feel like you belong there, but because on the outside you look different the majority resents you. The Souls of Black Folks by W.E.B. Du Bois written in 1903 consists of a collection of short essays that convey the important aspects of African-American history. Throughout the novel there are two main themes. One is that African-American’s lived and experienced moments from behind a veil, and the other is that they lived with a double consciousness. For the reader to fully understand these themes, Du Bois writes of situations, in every essay, that blacks had to endure that they are different. The first chapter provides the reader with a first hand experience of Du Bois when he found out in elementary school that he is different. In the second chapter he goes on to analyze this problem and he realizes that â€Å" the problem of the twentieth Century is the problem of the Color line† (Du Bois, 13). The invisible line that separates the two races from each other and is primary reason for injustice. The third chapter is about Booker T. Washington who believed that the blacks need to focus more on education in order to be successful, and they should give up on political power, civil rights, and higher education (Du Bois, 44). Further into the novel Du Bois explains how the industrialization of America has changed the philosophy of wealth and that as demand for the work force increased theShow MoreRelatedThe American Constitution : A Double Consciousness Concept1260 Words   |  6 PagesThe American constitution upholds principles our country represent .All the citizens in our country should have freedom of speech, religion, and freedom of fear. Do these principals and concepts apply to African Americans? Can African Americans carry their culture into the workplace? What do others think of the African American culture? These are all problems we face throughout our citizenship of being â€Å"FREE.† W.E.B Dubois created a double consciousness concept. This concept help explains the challengesRead MoreWeb Du Bois and Double Consciousness Essay936 Words   |  4 Pages Du Bois: Double-Consciousness Ashanti Johnson SOC101 Lestine Shedrick October 18, 2011 W.E.B. Du Bois (1968-1963) was a huge contributor to sociology through the eyes and experience of an African-American scholar (Vissing, 2011). Du Bois was an author, activist and student of Black sociology. In his 1897 article, Strivings of the Negro People†, Du Bois introduced the term â€Å"double-consciousness†, a concept I believe to be just as relevant in today’s African-American communitiesRead MoreThe Harlem Renaissance1209 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿The Harlem Renaissance represents the rebirth and flowering of African-American culture. Although the Harlem Renaissance was concentrated in the Harlem district of New York City, its legacy reverberated throughout the United States and even abroad, to regions with large numbers of former slaves or blacks needing to construct ethnic identities amid a dominant white culture. The primary means of cultural expression during the Harlem Renaissance were literature and poetry, although visual art, dramaRe ad More The Poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar: We Wear the Mask and When Malindy Sings1725 Words   |  7 Pagesprofessional African American literary figures (Baym 1038), Paul Laurence Dunbars poetry consists of two distinct styles: his dialect pieces with the simple rhyme schemes of the ballad lyrical form, such as his 1897 poem When Malindy Sings, and his classical poetry that has more complex rhyme and form, and is written in Standard English like his 1897 poem, We Wear the Mask. The dialect poem, When Malindy Sings, is a result of what Dunbar called the mask, and what W.E.B. Dubois would later call double-consciousnessRead MoreWhat Makes A Melting Pot?1168 Words   |  5 PagesUnfortunately, that analogy leads people to get rid of their culture for the American culture. Leading the public to the point where they strive to prove their differences just to stand out and make a name. One demographic, African Americans, have been trying to reconnect to their native heritage after be ing stripped from their identity years ago. From their traditions, how they cook food, and the way they do their hair. African Americans have become more determined to be in touch with their inner self asRead MoreEssay about Harlem Renaissance Poets: Countee Cullen and Langston Hughes1142 Words   |  5 PagesRight after the World War I, the majority of African Americans moved from South to the North of the United States. New economic and artistic opportunities led them to create and identify themselves in their own culture and heritage. This movement is well-known as the Harlem renaissance. It was accompanied by new lifestyle, music styles, and plenty of talented writers. This paper discusses two poems from this period: Heritage, written by Countee Cullen, and The Weary Blues, written by LangstonRead MoreSummary Of Virginia Woolf s Mrs. Quot. B. Dubois1359 Words   |  6 Pagesthe challenges met by the African American community. Virginia Woolf’s character in her nove l Mrs. Dalloway, Lucrezia Smith, endures being a foreigner in a recovering war-torn London and also the wife of a former soldier battling the demons that battle as left him. In his essay, Of Our Spiritual Strivings, Dubois describes the African American community as being both American and Black and the standards that each identity requires. Dubois’ description of â€Å"double-consciousness† does not apply to LucreziaRead MoreIdentity Crisis Among African Americans1618 Words   |  7 PagesProfessor Sandra Staton-Taiwo Identity Crisis amongst African Americans 17 November 2014 Abstract The question of self-identity has been commonly argued in field of the African American literature; with scholars such as Martin R. Delany and W.E.B Du Bois argue about the emphasis on race and racial consciousness. Together Du Bois and Delaney stress the importance of the color line, or the racial segregation in the United States, as a critical part of American history; nonetheless they both had completelyRead MoreThe Souls Of Black Folk By William E. B. Dubois1066 Words   |  5 PagesBlack Folk† was written in 1903 by William E. B. Dubois (4). Dubois was an activist for civil rights and an author of many pieces regarding the lifestyle, struggle and historic patterns of African Americans (4). Though Dubois was born after the abolition of slavery, he knew the prospects of the African American struggle were most likely formed due to the conditions of black lives during slavery. Dubois was also an educator and advocate for educational opportunities in black communities (4). No t onlyRead MoreFerhana Shah. Dr. Neufeld And Dr. Slucki. Honors Colloquium1565 Words   |  7 PagesApril 2017 Transcending Double Consciousness in 20th Century America In The Souls of Black Folk, W. E. B. Du Bois coins â€Å"double consciousness†, as a â€Å"peculiar feeling†¦ this sense of always looking at one s self through the eyes of others† (Du Bois I). He goes on to say that as a black person, â€Å"one ever feels his twoness—an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body,† (Du Bois I). In other words, double consciousness refers to living with

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Starting a Business vs Franchise Free Essays

Explain the differences of establishing a business from scratch and setting up a franchise. Evaluate the success of franchises in Australia (refer to examples). There are significant differences between establishing a new business and setting up a franchise. We will write a custom essay sample on Starting a Business vs Franchise or any similar topic only for you Order Now Starting a business from scratch often takes a long time and a large amount of capital to accomplish, but the rewards can be substantial. A franchise is a business that is licensed to trade under a recognised brand name for payment of a fee (e. g. McDonalds, 7-11, etc). A franchisee purchases the franchise from the franchisor and operates under their name while paying fees. The factors involved in choosing one of these two options differ considerably and include the amount of risk, cost, operations and reputation. Establishing a new business involves the highest amount of risk due to the entrepreneur being solely responsible for everything that occurs in the business. In addition, there is a significant threat of failure for any new business which can result in huge losses for the business owner. Without a previous business reputation, it may prove difficult for entrepreneurs to secure finance which in effect significantly limits their access to funds to pay for establishment costs. Starting a new business gives the owner greater control over all key decisions and operations, as a result allowing the owner to set up the business exactly how they wish. Establishing a reputation for a new business is a slow process since a customer base and marketing campaign needs to be developed to generate sufficient sales for the firm. As a result, a new business will experience a slow growth in profits and may not be able to achieve a high level of profits at the start. Setting up a franchise presents the lowest risk due to already being established and generally selling widely recognised products. The costs associated in purchasing a franchise vary significantly depending on a number of factors such as type and size. Due to the general success of a franchise, it is much easier for a franchisee to obtain finance. However, franchisees must pay ongoing costs such as royalties to the franchisor which may lead to a reduction in overall profits. Setting up a franchise heavily restricts the owners control over business operations which prevents them from making their own decisions. This is due to the fact that the franchisor has total control over the business operations and ultimately determines how the owner runs the franchise. It is also much easier for a franchisee to generate sales due to the widely established reputation of the franchise and the products sold may already be advertised and marketed by the franchisor. Most franchises have been extremely successful in Australia and have become the fastest growing area of small business – in 2004 there were approximately 850 franchise operations in Australia. Franchises such as Gloria Jeans and Jims Mowing have grown tremendously in the past few years – between 1999 and 2004, the number of franchises grew by 25%. This is due to the effective business formula, well-recognised name and established trademarks of franchises which have attracted numerous investors in Australia. Another reason regarding the enormous of franchises in Australia is the fact that most of them offer comprehensive training and support to franchisees. For example, McDonald’s provide franchisees with uniforms, staff training packages, the ingredients and equipment for production and conducts extensive advertising on their behalf. As the success of franchises continues to grow in Australia, it is becoming an attractive option for many potential entrepreneurs in starting a business. How to cite Starting a Business vs Franchise, Papers

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Elvis Aron Presley Essay Example For Students

Elvis Aron Presley Essay At the time, no one realized that The world of music and entertainment would foreverchange. It was noon, on January 8, 1935, when Gladys Smith Presley, a poor MississippiGod-fearing sewing machine operator and wife of farm hand Vernon Elvis Presley, gave birth totwin sons Elvis Aron and Jesse Garon Presley. Buried in an unmarked Priceville, Mississippigrave, Jesse Garon died within six hours of birth. Jesses twin, Elvis Aron, was to become the most influential force in the history ofpopular music and a melding force between cultures. As the worlds most endearing andsuccessful entertainer of his age, Elvis sold over three hundred million records, and createdthirty-three films. Today, Elvis is known world wide as The King of Rock n Roll.? The dirt-poor withhis polite and well-mannered ways, patterned his famous ?wiggle? and early singing style formthe gospel revival preachers he grew up with at the familys First Assembly of God Church. ?We were broke, man, broke, and we left Tupelo overnight,? Elvis said, a quote whichtypifies his early life, following his parents from job to job. In 1939 the total combined Presley salary was $35 a week, when young Elvis wasenrolled in L.C. Humes High School in Memphis, Tennessee. After graduation from HumesHigh School in 1953, while driving a truck for an electric company, Elvis passed a sign thatwould lead him to fame. The sign read, ?Memphis Recording Service-Make your ownrecordsFour dollars for two songs.?This is where Sam Phillips of Sun Records found his man. In August 1954, WHBQ radioin Memphis released the birth of a Rock n Roll legend with, ?Thats All Right, Mama.?After an unsuccessful Grand Ol Opry stint, 1955 brought ?Good Rockin Tonite? and?Milk Cow Blues Boogie.? The flamboyant personal manager/promoter, Colonel Tom Parker,who was managing the big talents of the day like Eddie Arnold and Hank Snow, started quietlyhelping Elvis with bookings. My July 1955, ?Baby, Lets Play House? hit the national best sellercharts. In 1957, Elvis moved from his suburban East Memphis home on Audubon Drive, to hisnew home, Graceland. March 1960 brought Elvis home from the war as a civilian. Huge crowds followed himhome to Graceland. The Colonel worked hard to gain Elvis favor back, and by mid 1960, fivethousand fan clubs were generating 30,000 fan letters a month. Elvis was forced into seclusion, as any public appearance would cause a riot. Anentourage of Memphis men soon referred to as the ?Memphis Mafia? escorted him everywhere. Endless work and strange eating habits followed. Too much peanut butter and bananasandwiches, burnt bacon, olives and vegetable soup pushed his weight up dramatically. On October 19, 1973, Elvis and Priscilla separated after five years of marriage. Elvissited the tremendous strain of six months on the road. Priscilla was awarded custody of theironly child, Lisa Marie. Nights were filled with Gospel signing, and days were spent sleeping, asElvis entered into his forties. Extreme dieting and exhaustion landed him in the hospital, andVegas gigs became predictable while fanatical fandom worshipped him overseas. In 1975 Elvis bought a jet airliner and named in after his daughter, ?The Lisa Marie?. His meteoric rise to fame, and the following legions of idolizing fans, is truly a phenomenonbeyond this worlds experience. We can only marvel at his achievements, and live along side hismystic legend and following. Elvis and his fans were symbiotic, each depending, sharing, andsupporting the other. On August 16, 1977, a shocked world would learn of his death. Rushed to BaptistMemorial Hospital in Memphis, from Graceland, Elvis was pronounced dead on arrival ofcardiac arrhythmiaerratic heart beat. Thousands gathered at his home in Graceland to mournand weep in disbelief. Thousands more still made the pilgrimage to the Graceland grave eachyear for the ritual August Candlelight Vigil. The King lives on today in our memories, hisfamily, his films, his recordings, and in our hearts. It is rare in this world, that such animpression is made on the people in ones own time. .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab59 29 , .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929 .postImageUrl , .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929 , .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929:hover , .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929:visited , .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929:active { border:0!important; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929:active , .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417 ab5929 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left: 18px; top: 0; } .u2185983f3cd1 ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929 .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u2185983f3cd1ca87dbcd4a6417ab5929:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Pearl Harbor Attack Essay

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Miles Davis Essays (302 words) - Miles Davis, Savoy Records Artists

Miles Davis There are very few musicians who, with their music, can impact our lives for the better. There are even less that can do it over their entire career. Such is the case of Mile Davis. A jazz-trumpeter who's sound transcended American culture for over 40 years. In this report I will be reviewing his great life which touched so many people. Miles Dewey Davis was born May 25, 1926, in Alton Illinois. (J S. Bowmen). He was born to a prosperous African-American family near St. Louis Missouri. At the age of ten he took up the trumpet in school. (J S. Bowmen). He of course learned very quickly, and soon he was playing with local jazz band. At the age of 17 he dropped out of school and headed out for New York to be part of the great New York jazz scene. (J S. Bowmen). It was in New York that he would meet his idol, saxophonist, Charlie Parker. Miles became part of Charlie's bebop quartet for several years. This was just a stepping stone however, for in 1948 he started his own 9-piece band. (J S. Bowmen). This band created a new sound ?cool jazz?. They released ?The Birth of Cool? an album that to this day is considered one of the most influential jazz albums ever. He later left the band to pursue other projects. For the next five or six years he face a very serious heroin problem. (J S. Bowmen). He released a series of what he called ?uneven albums?. But in 1955 he would kick the habit for good and began a legendary come back. He formed a new band with other great jazz musicians such as saxophonist John Coltrane and pianist Bill Evans. It was with this band Miles record Music

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Free Essays on Tuesdays With Morrie

â€Å"Tuesday’s With Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man, and Life’s Greatest Lesson† by Mitch Albom has a title which outlines the direction of the book. An older man, Morrie, a young man, Mitch, and about life’s greatest lesson. Morrie was a professor at Brandeis University in Massachusetts when Mitch attended college. Morrie was his favorite professor. A few years after Morrie was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ASL) he was unable to teach anymore. This was about 20 years after Mitch graduated from the University. After graduation, Mitch didn’t stay in contact with his college friends or his favorite teacher Morrie. When Mitch heard â€Å"Who is Morrie Schwartz† on ABC’s â€Å"Nightline† he couldn’t believe what he had heard. Mitch was both horrified and ashamed. It was then he heard about Morrie’s illness. Finally Mitch went to see him. From then on Mitch visited Morrie every Tuesday. Whenever they met, they would talk about the meaning of life. Mitch wrote a list of topics he wanted to talk about. The list consisted of death, fear, aging, greed, marriage, family, society, forgiveness, and a meaningful life. Morrie went through all of these topics, plus more. Morrie helped Mitch understand that there is more to life than money and materialistic things. From the first Tuesday until the last Tuesday, Mitch listened to Morrie, his coach, talk about the real meaning of life. How much life means to you when you are about to die. How much people take for granted. Mitch sometimes looks back at the person he was. He wishes he could change the way he was back then but he can’t. The one thing he really learned was that there is no such thing as â€Å"too late† in life. This book was Mitch’s final project from Morrie. While in college, Mitch wrote a thesis for Morrie, now he wrote another one, but this time it has become a very popular book. As of the summer of 19... Free Essays on Tuesdays With Morrie Free Essays on Tuesdays With Morrie â€Å"Tuesday’s With Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man, and Life’s Greatest Lesson† by Mitch Albom has a title which outlines the direction of the book. An older man, Morrie, a young man, Mitch, and about life’s greatest lesson. Morrie was a professor at Brandeis University in Massachusetts when Mitch attended college. Morrie was his favorite professor. A few years after Morrie was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ASL) he was unable to teach anymore. This was about 20 years after Mitch graduated from the University. After graduation, Mitch didn’t stay in contact with his college friends or his favorite teacher Morrie. When Mitch heard â€Å"Who is Morrie Schwartz† on ABC’s â€Å"Nightline† he couldn’t believe what he had heard. Mitch was both horrified and ashamed. It was then he heard about Morrie’s illness. Finally Mitch went to see him. From then on Mitch visited Morrie every Tuesday. Whenever they met, they would talk about the meaning of life. Mitch wrote a list of topics he wanted to talk about. The list consisted of death, fear, aging, greed, marriage, family, society, forgiveness, and a meaningful life. Morrie went through all of these topics, plus more. Morrie helped Mitch understand that there is more to life than money and materialistic things. From the first Tuesday until the last Tuesday, Mitch listened to Morrie, his coach, talk about the real meaning of life. How much life means to you when you are about to die. How much people take for granted. Mitch sometimes looks back at the person he was. He wishes he could change the way he was back then but he can’t. The one thing he really learned was that there is no such thing as â€Å"too late† in life. This book was Mitch’s final project from Morrie. While in college, Mitch wrote a thesis for Morrie, now he wrote another one, but this time it has become a very popular book. As of the summer of 19...

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Representing (Repressed) Homosexuality in the Pre-Stonewall Hollywood Essay

Representing (Repressed) Homosexuality in the Pre-Stonewall Hollywood Homo-Military Film - Essay Example It was thus easy to detect homosexually behavior among the officers. Theories have been put forward trying to explain this phenomenon. Some believed that people who had homosexual tendencies joined the army so that they could repress these feelings however, with the many intimate contacts with the young men they find themselves succumbing to temptations. Others engage in this act out of curiosity and need to experiment new things. There are several films that have been produced that show the existence of homosexuality in the 1950s and 1960s without violating the censorship act. Among them is the gay deceiver, Damn the Defiant, Billy Buddy and the Strange Ones. All these moves contain scenes that imply homosexual actions without actually talking about homosexuality (Sconce, 73). This article analyzes the production history, reception and the social context of these films. The social context Looking back in the social context of the 1960s would help us understand the reception of the g ay related movies. In this age, people perceived homosexuality in a very different light than they do today. There were no gay hubs as the ones that exist in Ney York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Most homosexuals practiced this lifestyle in secret with the fear of being marked by the society. Homosexuality as a sex identity was seen to be a mental illness and any acts of homosexuality were labeled as crime. Before the passing of the 1967 Sex offense Bill, homosexuality was illegal. Lesbianism was however not considered illegal but people who practiced it were looked down upon by the society. Although the cities would be seen as the refuge of minorities, it was not supportive of the gay community. The often found refuge in gay bar but these ones would also be raided by police patron. The police would also alert the media in case there was such a raid such that people who were caught ended up featuring in the news (Butt, 238). The Stone Wall bar owned by the mafia exploited gay peo ple making money from them. The rural areas were not a better hub for the gay people either. People living here were expected to get married and have children. Many homosexuals were thus pressured into getting married with these marriages having unhappy endings and in some cases leading these men to commit suicide. The issue of homosexuality became a contentious one when Bill Clinton tried to amalgamate the forces. It became evident that the issue of homosexuality had existed for centuries. People were also concerned on the reasons that would make gay men join the military. . It was viewed that the military was a refuge that tried to still the chaos they were going through inside due to repressing their homosexual desires. They would also escape from the pressure of the society that expected them to have heterosexual relationships. The manner in which the military was organized with strict discipline would create a new identity for them as soldiers replacing their old confused ident ity. Psychologist actually said that the gay men joined the force hoping that this experience would cure them considering that homosexuality was then believed to be a mental illness. Intercourse of queer men in the military was a common thing during the World War 2 and even after. Some psychologists were of the view that the prevalence of gays in the military was as a result of the antigay policies. This is because human

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Jackson Township, NJ Landfill Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Jackson Township, NJ Landfill - Research Paper Example When people participate in the proper disposal of such garbage, the community is better able to maintain the sanitation and safety of various waterways and the surrounding land of New Jersey. In October 20, 2011, the same collection routine was announced by Jackson, NJ (2011). The latest garbage classified as health hazard was very recently brought to the attention of the people by Phil Stilton (2012). Those materials involved the â€Å"rigid plastics† that can be recycled after they are sold for $90 per ton. Practically any item made of plastics, whether they are furniture or containers, broken or old flower pots, except for specified plastics like grocery bags, vinyl, plastic pipes, stretch film, milk cartons, water hose, medical garbage, and other similar containers – have to be properly disposed and can be recycled. The landfill operated by Jackson Township was the object of a complaint filed and which reached the Supreme Court way back in 1987. In the case of Ayers versus Township of Jackson, the complainant sued for damages because his water well got contaminated with toxic pollutants. The Supreme Court ruled Jackson Township guilty and was ordered to pay the complainants an aggregate amount of â€Å"$15,854,392.78, to be divided among the plaintiffs in varied amounts† according to Stein, J. (1987, p.1). ... $8,204,500 was the expert’s estimate of the medical surveillance cost following exposure to the possibility of cancer and whatever other diseases can be realized as a result of toxic chemicals found in the drinking water. What chemicals did investigative reports find in the water wells and traced to the Jackson Township Landfills? The Supreme Court was informed by experts that the landfill polluted the water wells with â€Å"acetone; benzene; chlorobenzene; chloroform; dichlorofluoromethane; ethylbenzene; methylene chloride; methyl isobutyl ketone; 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane; tetrahydrofuran; 1,1,1-trichloroethane; and trichloroethylene....† (Stein, J. 1987, p.1). Over 150 residents testified in court to complain against the chemical contamination of their drinking water. They all showed their emotional stress resulting from not having potable water for years. More specifically, because complainants needed potable water in the absence of their natural source, they were r ationed their water supply in â€Å"40 gallon barrel containing a plastic liner filled with water† (p.2) which weighed 100 pounds. Residents actually experienced arthritis trying to fetch water for their needs out of the heavy container, everyday and multiple times a day just to be able to wash, cook, take a bath, and have drinking water. It was pronounced to be a primitive quality of life. People suffered anxieties, depression, fear, and stress as a result of living such a pattern daily. 88 of them showed signs of psychological disorders or problems. Furthermore, homeowners were so frustrated about the negative effect of having a landfill nearby because it devalued their properties. Potential buyers pointed to the landfill

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The Core Competency of the Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Core Competency of the Company - Case Study Example Brand strategies define buyer experience-through the products offered, the advertising messages conveyed, indeed through every interaction between an organization and a buyer-and through that experience buyers develop an understanding of brand differences (perceptions), form judgments about the value of brand differences (preferences), and create a logic for choosing among brands (brand choice strategies).We refer to strategies that teach buyers as market-driving strategies (Bearden et al 77). Because of the Japanese consumer's traditional focus on corporate reputations, Japan has been considered a tough market for individual brands. This rising importance of branding, segmentation, and positioning has created new opportunities. In addition to Asahi and Honda, other nimble companies are taking advantage of the changes in the market to identify and capture specific segments of the market. Given the need to balance corporate and product-level branding, Sharp is applying a variety of approaches. These range from the more traditional corporate branding to two-story branding to narrow individual brand positioning. Companies are also using more Sharp -style branding (Boone and Kurtz 72). High technology continues to have an intense attraction for consumers, who recently favored such products as wristwatch PCs flat-screen TVs, and satellite cellular phones. New product development in Japan used to be technology and shelf-driven. In this environment, Japanese firms developed an unparalleled capacity for rapid product innovations, churning out new products and variations at a breathtaking rate (Collis and Noda 5). Japanese companies continue to have tremendous capabilities in rapid product innovation. of new product launches is greater in Japan than in the United States. In other categories, such as household products, the number of new product launches relative to the size of the market is larger in Japan than in the United States. In a few categories, such as foods, Japan lags behind the United States in producing new products (Kotler and Armstrong 92). Core competencies of Sharp are unique approach to products and entrepreneur spirit, innovative and state-of-the-art solution. The choice criteria of Japanese consumers is complex and changing rapidly. The approach to such cross-sectional variability would be niche marketing. United States marketers would find segments of the market in which the company has advantages over rivals and concentrate on those markets. But because Japanese consumers have traditionally been hard to segment and consumer choices have changed quickly-and, in many cases, randomly- Japanese firms instead developed a "rapid fire" approach to marketing to deal with the tremendous variability of their markets (Kotler and Keller 62). 2.In what ways does being a Japanese company contribute to Sharp's success Traditionally, Japanese companies have focused on building large, ambiguous corporate brands, so the "what" of brand positioning has been very difficult to pin down. In a market perceived to be homogeneous, the "whom" of brand positioning has also been very difficult to determine. In effect, the "what" and "whom" of Japanese

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Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Universities

Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Universities Abstract Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are the typically adopted technology and they provide a significant tool in supporting blended learning in universities. Therefore, these systems are being explored from various aspects. Educational technologists conclude that every university or even departments within the same university differ in its experience in adopting these systems. Department of Industrial Management, University of Kelania is adopting the LMS portal for supporting blended learning. This university administration raises considerable attention in assessing the actual extent of staff and student adoption of the LMS. In this regard this paper presents data collected from the surveyed 100 students at the Department of Industrial Management, university of Kelaniya regarding their LMS adoption. Keywords: Introduction The significance to the advancements of web-based technologies is the development of powerful software systems, known as learning management systems (LMS), have become a widely-used technology and a key instrument in supporting e-learning in higher educational institutions. As LMS offers numerous benefits to individuals and institutions, many universities have deployed some form of LMS. Students can access course materials independent of time and location. Significantly, it opens up fresh potentials for initiating academic innovations where students function as dynamic, control their own learning, develop critical thinking and become collaborative participants. In addition, LMS provides an automated mechanism for teachers in the management of online courses, allowing them to create, add, modify, customize, and reuse digital content and learning objects and tracking learner progress. Blended learning is defined as a combination (blend) of e-learning and face to face classroom learning environments (Graham,2006; Wu and Hwang, 2010; Murshitha S.M and Wickramarachchi A.P.R, 2015) Recently, blending learning has been increasing in higher education, as students are involved in collaborative learning and interaction with instructors and classmates (Wu et al., 2010). Almost all universities in Sri Lanka have developed their own LMS portal for the use of their own lecturers and students. The administrators of Sri Lankan universities are keen on assessing the actual status of faculty and students usage of the LMS as the acquisition or construction of such a system and its annual cost of operation are significant. Investigating and assessing the usage of LMS within a department and especially between different departments and universities is essential for its continuous use. The objective of this study is to investigate the status (extent of use) of LMS adoption in blended learning at university level. This research will be interested to both researcher and university community, as it will significantly contribute and improve the body of knowledge in the context of LMS adoption. Literature Review All learning management systems are not the same; they can be adopted in different ways. Different tools such as activity tools (Lesson, HTML page, Glossary, Assignments, Quiz, Choice, Database, Workshop, Wiki, Chat and Forum etc.), blocks (People, Calendar, Online Users, Latest News, Upcoming Events, Search, etc.) and filters (associated components to the activity tools and the blocks) are integrated in a single system which offers all necessary tools to run and manage an e-learning course. All learning activities and materials in a course are organized and managed by and within the system. Significant dedication in universities using an LMS is how to evaluate the actual extent of LMS usage by the staff and student. While the trends are towards more student centric learning tools, the research done has shown that yet the teaching staff is the key driver of an LMS usage. The need for a reliable guide of the extent of LMS usage becomes apparent when one considers the complexity of assessing to what extent an LMS is actually used within an university. In this direction, range of aspects of LMS adoption, implementation, support, and usage have been the subject of numerous studies (McQuiggan, C. A. 2007). Lane determined that the manner of LMS usage was largely shaped by the nature of the product as introduced to faculty [14]. Kincannon earlier studied the reaction of faculty to use of a C/LMS and determined that faculty expressed dissatisfaction at the time demands imposed by using it [13]. Amrein-Beardsley, et. al [4], Allen and Seamans for the Sloan Consortium [2], the Georgia Vista Implementation Enterprise Wide study [25], Harrington [12] and Morgan [19] all attempted to gain insight into C/LMS usage via student or instructor-supplied data, and to assess the level of faculty adoption of C/LMS via the use of surveys, determining that 96% of the largest institutions of higher learning were, as of 2006, using C/LMS to support online learning in addition to in-class courses. Vonderwell, et. al [26], Cramer, et. al [9], Mandinach [15], Tobin [23], Shiratuddin [22], and Bork [8] attempted to evolve methods for the assessment of student performance, or propose reasoned suggestions for the improvement of performance, when C/LMS software was involved in the process of education. Yet a glaring omission exists in the empirical measurement of the actual extent of usage of C/LMS by faculty derived from the databases supporting a given C/LMS, that is, regularly measuring the extent of faculty usage of the C/LMS as evidenced by the contents of the database supporting it, making it possible to detect and respond to trends. The lack of adequate means of assessing C/LMS usage has prompted some researchers to propose the application of data warehousing technology to the problem of providing a base of readily accessible faculty and student C/LMS usage data. Van Dyk and Conradie [24] proposed such an approach in 2007 in support of action research, defined by ZuberSkerrit as a critical enquiry by academics themselves into their own teaching practice, into problems of student learning and into curriculum problems[30]. The prototype data warehouse they proposed was intended to be used directly by instructors who were interested in studying the relationship between learning styles as defined and measured using the Felder index of learning styles [11] and student interaction with the C/LMS, and potentially conducting other similar ad hoc studies. Their prototype data warehouse was formed according to established dimensional techniques and In order to assess the usage and extent of use of LMS this research adopted Janossys, J (2008) assessment method that make it possible to assess usage between units of a university and between universities, drove the development and proposal outlined in detail in Figure 2.2 , which depicts a model for the derivation of a simple metric expressed as a number from 0 through 13. Figure 2. 2 Janossys LMS Usage Level and Metric Values       The formation of this model proceeds from the definition of five overall levels of possible C/LMS use. These five levels span the continuum from no use of the C/LMS by an instructor through a level which exceeds the capabilities of most C/LMS systems using the technology currently available to many institutions (Janossy,J., 2008). The Figure 2.3 provides greater detail concerning the functional usage represented by each metric value, proceeding from the lowest value through the highest: Figure 2. 3 A Level-Model for Assessing The LMS Usage among Staff and students Level 0 refers to no LMS usage. Thus, the lecturer does not create a course in LMS or does not activate student access to the LMS for the students in the course if a course is automatically created in the LMS. Level 1, refers to the very basic usage of the system only for uploading lesson content by the teaching staff and downloading lesson content or submitting assignments by the students. Level 2, refers to the usage of communication tool in an LMS. It includes the usage of modules such as email, discussion forum or chat. Level 3, refers to the usage of the testing tool (quizzes, pool or survey). For instance, students can take some quizzes and tests online, with some scores provided immediately possibly with feedback answers for incorrect items and similar. Level 4, is defined with a view to the current technological developments which require to share knowledge and to treat users as co-developers. Currently this was achieved by adding a blog module on the system but in the future there might be other modules to enrich this level of LMS usage. It is interesting to note that one could draw a parallel between the levels of this model and the theories of learning. In fact, the lowest levels of the LMS usage actually correspond to the more teacher centered approach which is typical for a basic level of learning and behaviorism. As we go upper in the level spectrum of LMS usage actually we move towards constructivism and social constructivism and end up in Level 4 which promotes building knowledge through sharing experiences and co-developing which on the other hand are some of the main principles of connectivism. Assessment of the LMS adoption in learning process. A total of 100 questionnaires are distributed and all of them are returned and usable. Table 1 summarizes the demographic profile and descriptive statistics of the respondents. Item Frequency Percentage Gender Male Female 38 62 38 62 Age or Level 20-22 (Level 2) 23-25 (Level 3) 48 52 48 52 PC ownership Yes No 84 16 84 16 Laptop ownership Yes No 94 06 94 06 Often of LMS use Regular Just-to download 30 70 30 70 Table 1: Demographic profile and descriptive statistics of surveyed students This section describes the answer for the research question, thus how is the status of LMS adoption in learning process? In doing so, descriptive profiles for each of the adoption variables are explored. Table 4.59 exhibits the descriptive profile of the five LMS adoption tools i.e. downloading lesson, chat, discussion forum, e-mail and assessment. Table 4. 59 Descriptive Profile of LMS Adoption Tools The conceptualization of students LMS adoption consists of five LMS tools namely, downloading lesson content, chat, discussion forum, e-mail and assessment. However based on the analyzed data only two LMS tools i.e. downloading lesson content and assessment were prominently adopted by students at Department of Industrial Management, University of Kelaniya. Downloading lesson content relates to the utilization of LMS for downloading notes that are uploaded by their lecturers. In this instance, lecturers impose the students to use this tool by uploading their lesson contents. In fact, findings of this study revealed that students downloading lesson contents was the highest in terms of mean compared to other LMS tools. Since being a student, one is always subject to lecturers decision. Hence, by uploading lesson content lecturers insist or impose students to use this tool and students without any questions must abide and adhere. Moreover, findings from lecturers questionnaire also indicted that all most all lecturers use this tool to upload their lesson content. Chat denotes to the utilization of LMS for the purpose of pedagogical chatting via LMS and students are being monitored by the administrator. Hence, they use this tool only for the above purpose. Findings of this study showed that chat tool recorded the lowest mean. There would be two reasons behind this lowest mean. The first reason is, normally students are being more interested and constantly engaged in chatting other than pedagogical one and use chatting tools such as facebook, twitter, skype, whatsup, viber, tango etc. The second reason is, a very few lecturers use this chatting tool as evident by lecturers questionnaire and they do not insist or impose the students to use this tool as they insist the students to download the lesson content. Discussion forum, relates to the utilization of LMS for the purpose of discussing on a certain topic with their peers and lecturers to enhance the critical thinking, analytical skills and exchange of their knowledge. Findings of this study showed that the tool of discussion forum also recorded lower mean. There would be two reasons behind this. The first reason is, as the respondents are the internal students, they have enough time for discussing face to face. The second reason is, according to the data derived from lecturers questionnaire only 25% of lectures use this discussion forum. Hence, students also do not give preference to this tool as their lecturers. E-mail denotes the adoption of LMS for communication purposes. This is also same as the previous two tools. Thus students use other mail accounts in yahoo, gmail for their e-mailing purpose. Assessment tool relates to the utilization of LMS for the purpose of assessing students through various sub assessment tools such as quizzes, short answers, multiple choice, essay questions etc. Results revealed second scoring for assessment tool in adopting LMS. This is because; students are being imposed by their lecturers to adopt this tool, as they are imposed by lecturers to download lesson contents. Findings from lecturers questionnaire indicted that 80% of lecturers use the assessment tool to assess their students. From the above discussion it is obvious that, subjective norm has a strong predictive power in determining individuals behavior. Thus, subjective norm in the form of lecturers acceptance and use of technology were found to influence students acceptance and use of the same. Thus if lecturers use or adopt LMS, students also believe it as important to them and they also imitate their lecturers and vice versa. Research Methods This study is descriptive in nature and self-administered questionnaires were used to collect data. The questionnaire was divided into three sections. References Graham, C.R. (2006) Chapter 1: Blended Learning System: Definition, Current Trends, Future Directions in Bonk, C. J. and C.R. Graham (eds.) Handbook of Blended Learning, San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer. McQuiggan, C. A. (2007). The role of faculty development in online teachings potential to question teaching beliefs and assumptions. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 10(3). Lane, L. M. (2007). Course Management Systems and Pedagogy. Retrieved October 10, 2007, from Wu, W. C, Hwang, L. Y.(2010) The Effectiveness of e-Learning for Blended Courses in Colleges International Journal of Electronic Business Management, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp.312-322 (2010)

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Rhetoric in the American Immigration Debate Essay -- Analysis, Logic,

According to Aristotle, a speaker could frame any debate using three approaches: an appeal to logic, an appeal from credibility, or an appeal to emotions. All speakers and writers use the tripartite approach to rhetoric in varying degrees and ultimately the audience judges their effectiveness in the context presented. In America, few topics are as hotly debated as that of undocumented migration, and it can be difficult to pick through the partisan and often vitriolic rhetoric in order to come to a rational conclusion. Politicians frame the debate using elements of the American mythos. While the evidence they present to back their conclusions may be factual, it necessarily omits the full truth in order to present a partisan political front. As such, politicians predominantly rely on the reader or listener’s emotional satisfaction. And even the most scrupulous journalists—meant to impart objective fact to the public—are not free from personal bias, making the disco urse even more convoluted. In analyzing three prominent voices in the immigration debate, US president Obama, journalist Sonia Nazario, and Arizona congressman J.D. Hayworth, we can evaluate the effectiveness of the different rhetorical approaches by whether or not they reach their intended audiences. Nazario fulfills her journalistic raison d’à ªtre by succeeding at objectivity, while Obama and Hayworth as politicians succeed by lying by omission in speeches and in writing in order to pursue policy goals and appease supporters. Sonia Nazario, herself an immigrant, was aware of the acrimonious debate on undocumented migration through her work as a prominent Los Angeles journalist. The issue was brought to a head when her housekeeper’s son arrived unannounced from Guatemal... ...ted skein of immigration policy in America by words alone. Despite that after careful analysis we the readers can more fully understand an issue and potentially come to expanded schemas, we are left with the conclusion that social issues are rarely easy to answer. In our history, rhetoric has been transformative. The power of a well-worded speech or essay to suddenly shift the direction of discourse is very real. Though we were not there, we remember Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg, Martin Luther King Jr.’s â€Å"I Have a Dream†, and John F. Kennedy’s â€Å"Ich bin ein Berliner† because they were coups of emotion, logic, and ethos. But sometimes such moments never come in a debate. Rhetoric is not always revolutionary; it can also be petty, insubstantial, or merely ignored. Although logic demands answers and emotion is sated by tidy conclusions, they are rarely forthcoming.